Mischievous smile – Tsuyu

I can happily show you some fist pictures of Tsuyu! Even though she is not full finished as I altered her face-up digital (it’s not finshed yes, not even started >.<). I’m still not sure if I will try it myself (as it would be only some minor changes) or  maybe if I want to send her of one day for a fully new face and style in the end. Non the less I will show you the results of her right now!

I adore her little smile and how she turned out in these picture already! Due to the fact that I ordered the wig along with Kaede’s I was able to “finish” her so quickly. She was planned alongside Kaede too 🙂 Hopefully you’ll like this little preview of her and the pictures! Thanks for coming by!

So let’s have another little bonus pictures I took of one of our cat’s when I visited my parents. x3 Have a nice weekend!

  1. Aww~ Tsuyu! She’s beautiful, and I love that little smile. It’s like she knows something we don’t, heehee! Her “edited” faceup looks very nice, I wouldn’t have been able to tell it was digitally edited at all. . . it looks real. (*o*)

    Your cat is so pretty! So fluffy~ What is the breed?

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    1. Yeah right? x3 hehe Thanks a lot for your time and the nice words too! YaY It makes me happy to know it worked out even though I had to edit it ^///^

      And he is so soft (and likes to eat XD) you really want to cuddle him all the time X//3
      He is supposed to be a “birma” cat but we guess not 100% because he is so dark ^^

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      1. You’re very welcome! ^^

        Ooh, a birma cat? That’s such a pretty breed~ And he is gorgeous, too, with that dramatic dark fur~!


  2. Tsuyu is so pretty *o* – and I wouldn’t have tell what you did in Photoshop…
    Now I am even more excited to see both girls together :3

    Also this cat… seriously it is beautiful ❤



    1. ^///^ you are soo kind I’m very very happy! Thanks a 1000 Times! this is a big compliment ! Ohh so I really have to get some pictures of them togther sometime soon! ^^



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