[Drawing] – Kid Cobra from Nintendo Arms

My latest drawing is from a character of a game called Arms from the Nintendo Switch. It is a pretty nice and fun fighting game with great unique characters. It is like boxing, but in a more cool kind of way! ^^ My boyfriend really likes this character amd this arm called “Scorpio” (the little scorpio in the picture… obviously XD), so I thought I could make a drawing for him which he could use as an Avatar or background picture. Please remember that this character and the background (for a nice touch) I put into the picture are from Nintendo!

It was a good practise and also a bit difficult as I wanted to keep as many details from the original character. I also tried my best with the hand haha I guess it turned out good enough! ^^ Please enjoy!

Kid Cobra Fanart

  1. The hand is great! (I hate hands)
    The character looks really fun and Iove the colors! ❤



  2. Very cute like always! ❤ And great job with his hand, it looks very natural and expressive. I'm impressed! (Hands are haaaarrrdd, haha. . . . orz)

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    1. Thanky ou a lot River! This is a great compliment! ❤ And yes I aaalways struggle with hands too >.< This time I actually had a reference picture to get a clue where to start, and it helped a lot!

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      1. You’re welcome! Always a pleasure to see your works! (^__^)
        Hands really are hard. . . a reference photo is a good idea! Usually I’m too lazy to look for one (orz) but I really ought to break that habit and start using them. ^^

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