Nendoroid Monday #12

Hello and good day! Here comes another Nendoroid Monday! This time I had to took and edit this picture in a hurry yesterday. The weekend was quite busy so I had very little time, hopefully you still like this capture of Princess Zelda (and little Toon Link in tha background haha). I actually sorted washed and packed a lot of my dolls clothing and added a nice little closet to my doll room where I could store my equipment and face-up tools. Despite being busy I enjoyed my weekend! And I hope you did too!

Nendoroid Monday #12

  1. Zelda how cheeky :3
    (And it is still a ADAW *wisper* ^3^ )



  2. Awww look at Zelda’s little wink! (And Link looks so serious in the background!) With that Zelda magic, it’s sure to be a good week~ hehe~

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    1. Thank you so much for those precious words! This makes me very glad to read 🙂 I really hope you had a good week! ^__^

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      1. My pleasure! 🙂 Hope your week was wonderful too!

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