2017 Creator Meme

Hi Everyone, this time actually something more than only pictures. I was tagges by the lovely Nana on the 2017 Creator Meme, Thanks again for it! ^_^ Even though I had more of some general types of things I am kind of proud! You’ll see below!

Rules: it’s time to love yourselves! choose your 5 favorite works you’ve created last year (fics, art, edits, etc) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world in 2017. Tag as many writers/artists/etc as you want so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome work.

1) My first Speedpaint

And actually my only until now. Ahh I am always so “stressed” out when thinking about it and feel under pressure :/ even though my fear I am happy I got through it and at least finished this first attempt – But I really want to add some more to my little portfolio. As I will have to practise my drawing skills even further. And I feel like I’m too slow sometimes or using the wrong workflow.


2) Re-Design Projects

Character re-design #2 Tsuyu

I had a lot of fun doing these and explored those chracters aswell. It was interesting and might help me in future plans aswell! It was good to get some first experiences through this process and I am glad too I took this step. Spoiler alert – a new member will join the crew soon! :3


3) My art and photography

Sinon HopeCosmic Girl by Yureya

In general I am happy I continued my photography and drawing journey! I was in doubt (also with my dolls) if I really want to stay in these hobbies as I felt going nowhere. I know I still have to learn a lot but I have a good time and fun trying! At least I started and thats a first step forward on getting my skills going. I should remember myself more often to be more relaxed about it, as for example lately I am having a little downtime with my photography ü.ü


4) Nendoroid Monday!

Nendoroid Monday #01 - Daydreaming Shiro

I’m glad that I am able to keep my little project going on too. I know for myself that I really don’t like to be forced to do something like this but this time I try to keep pushing forward (with more or less good results) but at least I am trying and thats what it is about! A good practise for myself and trying out new things ( as for example photographing “tinier things”) And I really hope some of your enjoy the work from my Nendoroid mondays too.


5) Quitting Instagram

Haha yes, something unusual than this meme asked for. And I can’t even remember if it was last year or even more time before. Anyways I wanted to mention it here too as it really had a huge impact on me. One thing said before, of course it is more difficult to stay in contact how things are now (due to different “blog publisher sites” for example) as I can only follow wordpress blogs and see the feed here and surely missing a lot of great art from friends. And I can understand it’s a roundabout way for my friends (from like dA and so) to write here too. And I would never ask anyone to pressure themselves to write here as it was my decision! It would be too much to ask about and selfish too.

Maybe it is just me but my anxiety went away with quitting instagram, it was just too much for me, feeling being forced to be available 24/7 or afraid I could miss something (and I definetly missed a lot because of lacking time) and the huge amount of information. Being “forced” to post. Don’t misunderstand me I am happy if I can follow updates and friends. But I prefer some more “meaningful” (well no this is also not the right word many art and work is meaningful and still is it was great to see WIP too and a lot more). But I liked the time back then in deviantArt it was just more personal for me. I don’t want to ramble about it much more as I am sure you’ll get the point I am talking about, instagram is just not for me and I am way more happier now and thats what is the most important! So my tiny place to be is my blog now.

I’m also thankful for all the nice people I got to know through this place here! So thank you for reading!

As a bonus is here a little capture of my current Dollfie Dream Crew! 🙂

My current Dollfie Dreams (Volks) from left to right: Sinon (Dollfie Dream Sinon), Tsuyu (Dollfie Dream Sister Akira), Kaede (Dollfie Dream Kirika Towa Alma).

  1. Great job! You accomplished a lot in 2017! From your character designs to your photography projects, and your speedpaint video – it’s been amazing to follow along with you this past year. Your photography is inspiring, and I smile whenever I see a new Nendoroid Monday post. Love your speedpaint too. ❤
    I understand what you mean about feeling pressured. It's not good if you feel stressed out thinking about doing more speedpaints, photos, whatever. :/ I enjoy reading your posts, and watching you have fun. I hope you can stop feeling pressured to post more things, and rather do what you enjoy and have fun with it, that would be the best. 🙂

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    1. Your comment is so very sweet, I appreciat eyour uplifting words a lot. A big thank you for your time you spend here on my blog and keep on reading! This means a lot! I’m am also happy that you enjoy my work! Yes this can be tricky sometime and make me “lazy” with like doing another speedpaint. (even if I could as I would draw something anyways). It’s like a barrier, maybe I an overcome it in the future! I will try my very best! ^__^

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      1. Truly, it’s a pleasure to spend time on such a nice blog!
        Hmm, I wouldn’t call it laziness. It’s important to do the things you enjoy, so if you spend a lot of time avoiding something, maybe that’s a sign that there’s something else you could do instead and enjoy it more. And since these are your creative pursuits, isn’t being happy the most important thing? Well, I don’t mean to lecture you, that’s what I tell myself! (^.^)


  2. You did amazing! I admire your editing skills every time and I love your blog – content, style and aesthetic! The Speedpaint kind of got lost in my feed (or I forgot, bear with me I am old) – I have to watch it right after 😀
    And yes social media… Just do what you feel good with! Hobbies should be all about a safe corner in life where you can be…you :3

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    1. Oh your are too kind! *blush* this really motivates me to continue and improve my skills and blog! I can learn a lot from you too and you are very inspiring! Don’t worry it can happen to all of us ^^ This is very true thanks for making me relize this! It’s better like this for me surely ^^ and glad I am able to have met you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!



  3. […] as mentioned in my 2017 Creator Meme post a while ago I am planning a new character and doll! 🙂 This time I actually got the character […]



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