Nendoroid Monday #15
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Nendoroid Monday #15

It’s Nendoroid Monday time again! Ahd with this I wish you another nice week! My last week was very exhausting, I hope this one will be better. :) Lately as I mentioned before I struggle with taking pictures ü.ü feeling uninspired and unmotivated, but I did not want to miss this weeks Nendoroid Monday – so here we go!

Nendoroid Monday #15

5 thoughts on “Nendoroid Monday #15”

  1. Breaks are fine! And healthy…
    Just do what you feel is good :)
    And I love you Nendoroid Mondays – did you consider to expand it to every second week? YOu could have more time like that, even if it is just for now?

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    1. I really appreciate the kind words and understanding! I really should consider your advise for the next ones maybe. It can be hard, especially when you would rather take some doll pictures or just play some games XD Thank you again!!

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      1. Oh I love to play games right now too. My new laptop can show guild wars 2 or sims4 in amazing graphics, so I often find myself playing rather than doing something creative xD…


  2. It cheers me up to see these cute photos on Monday. It’s a bright start to the week! And you do such a beautiful job! (^^) However, I also don’t want you to feel forced to post every week if you’re feeling uninspired. We’d understand if you take a break, so you do what’s best for you! Okay?

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    1. Oh this really means a lot to me! Thank you so much River *blush*!!! Ah yes this is true, it can be hard sometimes, especially lately. Thanky ou again for these supporting words and that you care, maybe I will. I already planned to take some pictures this weekend, let’s see if there will be also motivation for some Nendoroids !


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