Character announcement – Seiko

So as mentioned in my 2017 Creator Meme post a while ago I am planning a new character and doll! 🙂 This time I actually got the character of her first (haha yes this is unusual for me) but her doll form will not take much longer to be finished, I’m very happy with this.

Lucky “accident”

Well you could call her creation like that. Her idea came up when I doodled my character re-designs for Tsuyu and Kaede! I tried different kinds of styles and “characters” when she was created with her own type of charm and appearance in my sketchbook. And even when I worked on the other two I came back and defined her more now and then. There was something which really got me stuck on her (in a good way). I created her expressions and keeop on working on her personality. After finishing the re-designs I came back to her a last time to create a new image of her all from the beginning.

Personality is building up

When I did draw her I was thinking who she might be, what does she like, what skills might she have. So the image I already had of her came together as a whole. I had fun and enjoyed this little beginning of her “journey”. In the end she was “finished” (maybe lacking some finishing touches, but there she was), some scribbles and ideas of her character. This experience was (and still is) great. I can understand people a lot more now, who have the character in the first place and let it become “real” in this kind of way! I don’t want to sound dumb but I feel like the bond is stronger with her. I’m sure it is even more overwhelming when you “spend” more time with your character, like from rpg’s or writings!

One quick scribble of my upcoming new Doll Seiko.

Seiko’s doll form

So… yes there she was… not planning to make her a doll anytime soon. Until…  – I browsed through the internet xD. Not with the intention to buy anything for her. But It happend that I found a very suiting head for her! So the urge to take this chance and let her come home grew within me (haha I know maybe this sounds weird but thats how I felt, and still do!) I was lucky enough to find all the “things” I would need to make her first “debut”! Like what a coincidence as I did not want to have a half finished doll at home for too long and I was motivated! Of course there can be added little things later on or accessoires but that “first” image of her will be complete, her character and appearance!

From this post on it sounds that I finished her and just head off and bought her doll form. But well it is more than 5 month for considering, maybe still short in comparison with other people cases, but I am happy with it and that she can be with me soon. I actually plan taking some first pictures this weekend! 🙂 When the last parts arrive ( I only have the head for now).

Character Information’s

  • Seiko – meaning like “Force, Truth”
  • Birthday – 03.03 (Hina-Matsuri)
  • Age – to be considered ! ahh I could not make my mind up to it at this point. But she looks older that she actually is!
  • Loves food – Also to cook and bake (and of course to eat!!!)
  • She is living alone with her parents abroad and get’s some extra money from summer jobs as a waitress, while being a student
  • Her dream job is being a pastry chef
  • Energetic and a can be “fighter” with passion
  • Stubborn
  • Loves cute things!

Thats some rough and short information about her.

Sneek peak

Thanks for reading everyone – now I want to share some first pictures of the head I have chosen. A Dollfie Dream DDH-07 Head with a Face-up. Please enjoy

  1. Wow~
    I guess first I should say, “Congrats!” Though, from what you said in your Creator’s Meme post, it seemed like it would be a while until we saw the new character – and here she is, almost ready to debut! I’m so surprised!
    Seiko’s design is adorable and you really found the perfect head for her. Hope the last few things make it home to you soon, so Seiko can be complete! :3

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you river ^_^ !! This is so lovely from you! Yes it may even sound more of a “sudden” as I most likely plan my post for friday’s but writing them in advance! ^^ Thanks again dear, I’m super happy to have her by my side! She is sooo cute and I try to prepare some first pictures of her for this firday too, hope you will enjoy and look forward too! :3

      Liked by 1 person


      1. Wow, so soon! Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to her debut~ (^u^)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dolls ❤
    And the post is absolutely understandable. I feel you when it is about to meet your characters and to know them better ;D
    It is a funny feeling to have the person first right?! But I am excited how you feel when she is a whole and dressed… The concept is adorable and I love the little pig tail and the long wavy hair ❤ woopwoop 😀

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Aw I’m both happy and touched you think so, you have my thanks dear Nana! I can understand oyu a lot more now *hugs*, it is very great to start a bonding like this. (rather than only impulsive shopping XD – but it can also be great I guess) It is great and I did enjoy it so much! Thanks again I’m happy because of your words. I can hopefully share the first pictures of her this week ^-^

      Liked by 1 person


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