Nendoroid Monday #16

A bit late haha, but yes I wanted a little “break”. But here we go with some more pictures of Sinon featuring the Nendoroid Monday one more time with this session! :)
Happy monday everyone, hope you had a very great weekend and new energy for this week!
Thanks to Nana and River for your encouraging words, maybe I should try some more breaks now and then if I want to. ^^ Sending you some greetings

  1. Aww so cute! ❤ Tiny Sinon on top of her head ups the cuteness by 100%.
    Hope you have a wonderful week too, Yureya! (^u^)

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    1. Thanks sooo much dear! I’m happy you like it hehe! I shoudl really start on keeping on with the Nendo Monday or pictiures again, just have this little down phase, but I really feel like I need it^^ Maybe I can use my free time in a week for something more productive XD!

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