Smile for me – Seiko’s unboxing!

Well here we go with my new and beloved Seiko. I talked rather a lot of her last week when she was introduced! I was so excited and happy (still am!) about the fact that she finally arrived home with me. And I am happy to show you the doll form of my character.

Unboxing Seiko

It was quite a big package and a lot of things I bought for her! As I had this clear view of her! I was lucky enough to get this sweet school uniform for her and the cool classroom props as the table and stool! Maybe you noticed that I also bough a blank head. But with no other intention to try myself again at face ups (proably also to practise so that I can add some details to Tsuyu later on!). It’s a DDH-06 head in normal skin. I am a bit unsure about the eyes (but she really rocks them! and I adore her like this), the color is great and as I wanted but maybe I want to try some others in the future (with a bigger size or other style) If I can get my hands on another great suiting pair.

Sweeten up my day

So after unboxing her and assembling I was super motivated to take some pictures and strengthen the bond! It was super fun and cool to pose her. I think I captured her and her personality quite well. So please enjoy this first session!

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