Lazy weekend

Well as you now may notice not as lazy as you might think! 🙂 I tried something new out with my blog and I hope you like it too, maybe changing in the near future again? (or still working by now again wohoo) But I am very motivated to keep things in “motion” and try some new themes or layouts. It is so much fun to plan and work on it in this kind of way! x3 So that I can optimize my little place just for my content and share it with you. So however let’s get back to our topic “lazy weekend” haha. This time featuring Naru my Angel Philia Lena, which had to get some more attention!

Oh and I also changed her eyes to a bit more suiting color! She looks very adorable in these pastell colors, they underline hr tan skin so nicely. I am always so amazed how good you can pose her, she can hold more dynamic poses naturally and without using little tricks ^^ but don’t take me wrong I enjoy taking pictures of all my dolls, it’s just a nice little benefit. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your weekend aswell!
Lazy weekend photo session with my Angel Philia Lena – Naru.

  1. I love the new theme – makes me want to go over my blog design as well xD soon…
    But OMG she is cute!! And those thighs <3<3

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    1. Thank you SOOOO much Nana!! This makes me happy (and proud x3)! But I have to work on it some more as for the content in the doll sites and buttons ect so more or less details remaining. Ahh this sounds great x3 I am looking forward to the result! (even though your blog is really awesome already!) It is so much fun to try new things out! Thanks again hihi ^///^ we send you a big hug!!



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