Doll comparision

Featuring Dollfie Dream Type III, Dollfie Dream Sister and Angel Philia. Please be aware of doll nudity! This time I worked on a doll comparision post between three different dolls of mine the results were surprising for me. For more information and picture please go ahead!

Height and doll view overall

The dolls I used are my Angel Philia Lena with tan skin (Naru), Dollfie Dream Sister Akira (Tsuyu) and Dollfie Dream Type III Kirika Towa Alma (Kaede) both in normal skin from Volks.

Comparision of Dollfie Dream Type III, Sister and Angel Philia in front.Starting off with some normal views of the dolls all together. I wanted to share the differents of Dollfie dreams and Angel Philias all together, but I decided it would be nice to see both the Type III and Sister Dollfie Dream in comparision too. It was quite interesting as the joints of the different companies varies, this gives the Angel Philia the option to hold poses better, but this makes her joints more visible overall compared to the other two girls as you can see on the pictures in this post.

Comparision of Dollfie Dream Type III, Sister and Angel Philia back View.

Little side note – you can see these little dent on my Angel Philias upper tight, that maybe one very little negative effekt of the soft “Skin”. She sat for a while so these dents were created, but nothing critical it will go away. So also with other poses her vinyl might look odd if “squeezed” together. Nothing which can’t be fixed though^^

All the dolls have a similar body structure. They have a “plastic” inner skeleton which gives them the ability to pose and their outer “skin” to represent their body and shapes. Their hands can be switched as so for other parts like her breast part (in different sizes and forms!) or head of course.



Some first poses

Comparision of Dollfie Dream Type III, Sister and Angel Philia side leg ankle. So here we go with some first impressions of there poses. As I already said, the Angel Philia can hold a pose better than my Dollfie Dreams, but If you try you can also achive nice and similar poses with your Dollfie Dreams. However my Angel Philia Lena was able to hold up her leg a bit more than the other too. Due to her soft vinyl “skin” which is was a help in this case. As you can see the harder vinyl of my Dollfie Dream is buidling a little “barrier” to prevent a more closed angle of the leg.

On the other hand I was surprised how well the Dollfies can handle their arms and poses too! I did not expect that they would have even better results as the Angel Philia in this case. (as for the legs we spoke eailier) I somehow underestimated them. But with the cost that their joint on their elbow will be more visible, but in many cases this will be hidden under clothing.

 Sitting and relaxing

Comparision of Dollfie Dream Type III, Sister and Angel Philia sitting on chairs. Other often used motives are with sitting dolls, so I tried this aspect of them too! With the help of chairs and without! As mentioned earlier the Angel Philia has no problems doing sitting poses and so on, but as you can see also the Dollfie Dream are doing a great job, even with crossed legs. More likely because you can use the “lower leg” to hold the position of the one above, but the results are great though.

Comparision of Dollfie Dream Type III, Sister and Angel Philia sitting. Here again a result of the nice joints of my Angel Philia however she had to be leaned on the wall so that she would not fall over. And I somehow relized the Type III Dollfie Dream can ankle her legs even a bit more than the Dollfie Dream Sister. I Really tried to achive these results with the Dollfie Dream Sister aswell, but her legs would always come off while trying!

 All in all

Comparision of Dollfie Dream Type III, Sister and Angel Philia back View. So in the end I am very pleased with all the dolls and their posing. Enough to make great pictures and to get creative with! And not to forget you can use some other nice tricks for posing like using doll stands or support a pose with some decoration (like an umbrella or plushies) or hidden tools and modifications (with for example some wire ect) even with different camera angles and lighting.

I hope you found these information helpful and enjoyed this post. Have fun trying new things and poses out!

  1. Oh I love comparisons… this is so interesting, I never had one of there companies in my own hands – sadly. I love the Angelphilia body and that you have her in a not sexual concept, which I see most of the time. I am very excited for my next meet up, where I will have the chance to hold a vinyl Smartdoll the first time O///o



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