Face-up Fantasy #01

So I had a great time in my free week a while ago, which made me very happy and proud too (to be honest)! I had some more time to practise my Face-up skills and keep moving on. Sharing some of my work with you, please enjoy part one of this little “journey”.I did not make make a lot of  WIP pictures, only a few, as I wanted to concentrade on the result. Also did I focus on the “lineart” and not on blushing (even though this needs training too). Usually I did mostly only two layers of work. First a sketchy artwork with an aquarelle pencil and then finishing it with some acrylic paint. The end result was also not sealed, as I would want to clear the head afterwards soon anyway. Only the head was sealed before starting the work. After all I am also not thaaaat good so that I could do a decent tutorial, but hopefully in the future. For now just sharin g some results and WIP with this series.

First try

This was my first attempt after quite a while! She almost remebers me of some Sailor Moon kind of character, and I had a blonde wig on her which moced this idea up some firther haha. Anyway as you can see I added some blushing afterwards with photoshop as she was quite pale (did this with most of the others too or added some blush with real pastel colors). The linework was kind of heavy especially because of the black color, and the upper lashes seemed very thick too I worked on this on my tries later.

Second, here we go

The lashes turned out better this time! I have to mention that I did all of the Face-up’s out of the blue, nothing was planned before and I just started on each new try. My acrylic color palette is kind of limited so I gave blackanother try. I am happy about the result as the plan worked out with a thinner linework on this Face-up! I wonder how the Face-up artist are doing this smooth transition of a brown at the end of the lashed to a dark color like black. It makes the Face-up more natural. I tried this a few times but it did not work as well as I would expected. This is another point I have to keep in mind for the future projects!

This is it for now! The other results will follow in the future, and I try to keep on practising too. It is good to have some spare time to remember also other great aspects of the hobby. I almost forgot that it can be very relaxing and cool to improve on this part.

As a funny side note:
I came back to this customizing part of the hobby after I saw some doll creator videos on youtube. Of these traditional Hina dolls and how they are produced and even some other similar videos, so not for BJD in particular. And I relized that it is ok to make mistakes or not a 100% symmetrical doll / face-up. This gave me the courage to try this again, even it might sound dumb. But it had some really relaxing vibe and made me calm down and just give my best and enjoy if myself, even though the result might not be perfect.

And thats some little advice for you: If you are having fun and enjoy what you are doing (it does not matter in what kind of creative way) you should just go ahead, even though you might make mistakes. Just have fun and a good time. In the end you’ll see that you improved even though maybe in tiny steps! But rather than thinking bad about your work or doubt about it, just do it! It is the best option you can do! 🙂 Practise makes perfect.

  1. This looks even more difficult than on a BJD. I can do (a little) realistic faces, but DD do need a compete other plan. But I love your variations and style! I mean it is the same doll, but she always looks like a different character! I love it 😀 Well done

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    1. I felt like the same! Somehow doing Kikyo’s Face-up was easier for me. As for the Bjd I think it is ok not to be 100% symmetrical – like it’s even better and realstic, for the DD I don’t know making the face uneven looks off somehow. I have to think about every line XD
      Thanks for the support!!



  2. Oh, I like both faces! You’re right, the first one has a very shoujo, Sailor Moon-type look. Very sweet and innocent – a girl who has big dreams for her future. The second face is quite dramatic. I like how she can look angry or uncertain, depending on the angle. She looks like she’s going to scold us. . . haha. XD

    It’s true that I don’t see a lot of artists using plain black by itself. It can be too harsh at times, I guess, but I like the effect here. Both girls look like they stepped out of an anime, which is a nice effect!

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    1. Your comment is so motivating! Thank you so much Dear River! I’m very pleased to read you enjoyed this little journey! ^///^ Right? It is amazign how different one mold can be! Ahh haha XD yes you can almost hear her grumpy mumbling!

      Yes this is something I have to figure out in the future, they mostly have this nice softer egdes so soften out the harder colors. Thanks again that is so nice from you to say ^///^ I’ll keep doing my best in the future!

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      1. Yeah, she looks like two different girls! Maybe they’re sisters, though – one who is sweet and kind, and one who is a little grumpy but protects her sister. Or something~ hehe. XD

        That does seem like an advanced technique. . . I wonder how they do it? I’m sure you’ll figure it out though! (^-^)


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