Seeking the sun

Some first outdoor pictures of my beloved Seiko (Dollfie Dream DDH-07) with her cute umbrella. I had a great time and enjoyed taking her in our garden for some new captures. Have fun watching!

I took my Dollfie Dream Seiko DDH-07 outside for the first time! So it happend that I had a similar idea like Nana the past time! (Enjoy her umbrella themed pictures right here) Now it’s time to share some of the results of my shooting aswell! It was a nice new experience again to take pictures outside and a lot of fun too. Her sweater looks sooo cozy doesn’t it? 🙂 It was actually raining + windy a bit sometimes during the shooting wich distracted me a bit because I was scared she could fall over. But Seiko stood tall and strong like the power girl she is haha! Well so please enjoy these pictures of her, I hope you’ll like them too.


Thank you sun 🙂

Of course the sun did it’s best too sometimes! The days are getting longer and warmer too. Spring is finally arriving and motivates me to take more chances to step outside wit my dolls and figures.

  1. What a Babe xD
    And I love your take on the umbrella pictures! She looks straight out of an manga I would totally read (or Anime I would watch) And the umbrella is so darn cute ❤

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    1. Nana-chan! All your sweet comments really make my day “early” on this morning! I enjoy them really a lot, what a great start! Thank you from all my heart!!



  2. Such a beautiful set of pictures! With that cute umbrella in hand, Seiko really shows her charm. ❤ It was brave of you to take her outside when it's windy, I would be scared that the wind could blow her over too.

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    1. It was scary but I’m also glad I was able to get through this little challenge and one step closer to figure out tricks for outdoor shootings! Really a big biiiig thank you for taking so much time and look around in my updates and feed! ❤

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      1. Yes, great job giving yourself that little push to try this challenge! The pictures turned out wonderful, and it seems like every time you challenge yourself like this you improve more and more. Really great job! Thanks for sharing! (^-^)

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