Dollfie Dream® x Megurine Luka

Nice sunday everyone! Hope you have some lovely time! Today I want to share some news from Volks Doll Party 39!A few days ago Volks announced their new Doll Party event number 39! And with that many new items and also dolls connected to this event. But I wanted to concentrade on their new Dollfie Dream collaboration model Megurine Luka (please take note that those pictures belong to Volks Inc.). For more information about the other items and the Event please take a look around at Volks announcement website.

Sooooo their new Dollfie Dream is super adorable! And I’m very smitten with her. I even think about getting her by myself, but I never took part in one of Volks events and have totally no experience in this topic. I also have no iden if it is even possible for overseas people to take part in this lottery for her as there are very few information on the site for now. So sorry I can’t share any more infos about this issue. BUT If it is possible to get her even though not attending the event directly I might give it a try. So maybe I can share some experience after on. But I do know that they have this specific lottery system if you want one of these limited dolls. Even though I might not get her through the lottery it would be cool to share a little tutorial.

Megurine Luka

Here we go with some pictures of her from Volk. Especially her cute face and expession really got me! More Information can be found here.

Even though she would be more of a spontaneous buy I might consider giving her a new “character”. So thats not directly planned like Seiko for example, but thats the way it is sometimes I guess! Haha And that after I experienced how great it is having a character first than a doll. (ahh) Non the less I will check their site regulary and see if I can get some more informations.

  1. Luka really is gorgeous! Volks has been doing a great job with the Vocaloids, and Luka’s little open mouth is so cute. <3

    It should be possible for international customers to enter for Luka through the Volks International site. Usually they'll do an After Event lottery where we can enter. And Tenshi-no-Mon (Volks fan site) predicted that Luka will be easily attainable (lots of dolls available, not exclusive to an event), so I'm sure you can bring her home if you want. :)
    Here's a link to Tenshi-no-Mon! It's one of my new favorite sites hehe!

    Good luck dear if you decide to try to bring her home! ^^

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    1. Ah, I found a tutorial on the Dollfie Dreams forum on how to enter the international lottery! Hope it has good information for you.

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      1. Aww your are so sweet River! Thank you SO much this is very kind and helpful indeed I will make the best out of it !!

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    2. Yes I agree with you! She had her charm all around me when I first saw her, and she stucks in my head!

      This makes me sooo reliefed! Thanks thanks thaaaaaaanks for all the very helpful information and the link (gonna follow for sure!)I’m super exctied and hopefully I won’t make any mistakes. It is great to hear to have a good chance to bring her home !! You are the best!

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      1. Glad to hear the links were helpful! Wish you the best of luck dear, hope you can bring Luka home! (^_^)


  2. Ahhh, so much want!!! Luka is one of my favorite Vocaloids. If I were to win the lottery, I would be all over buying this doll. All the other Dollfie Dream Vocaloids have been public releases, so I’d expect Luka will be, too, eventually. Maybe the lottery version just has special accessories (like that Tako Luka) or something.

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    1. I can understand you sooo well! she is indeed so precious! And I’m really tempted! ^___^ Ah I see ! Thanks so much for this information! I’m kinda excited and thrilled for the lottery actually (well obviously because I have no clue how to participate xD) but well I’ll see! Maybe you can get her one day, if not through the lottery maybe second hand or something!!



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