It’s time again to share some new art! Another fanart I created from Nintendo’s Arms! This time one of my favorite characters: Mechanica. She is very cool to play. Mechanica is an engineer and has built herself a robot so that she fan fight in the ARMS tournament as she does not have the spring arms “naturally”. Below some official pictures of Nintendo.

  1. Okay I love the diversity of your blog. I feel always so entertained and I binch read all your post blogs one after another (also because I am a slow blog reader/ follower)
    Mechanica looks like a cute Nerd – I love it xD

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    1. Really? *blush* Thank you so much ü///ü this relieves me a lot! As I was worried if it is ok to share some drawings now and then or other things. Thanks for taking your time still though! ^__^ And I somehow know this! Sadly I think the wordpress notofications are not the best and I ofter oversee things (as you might already noticed xD just answering all the stuff now, sorry!)

      ahh hehe XD she is !!



    1. thank you a lot!!



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