Garden of memories

So these pictures are actually almost one year old. But I wanted to share them with you non the less! I had taken Lyanelle with me in our garden and took a couple of pictures. Here we go and sharing some memories!

Lyanelle is a very lovely and special “little” doll. I remember I had a great time while taking the pictures, they are some few lovely memories of the day. She has this pretty cute and somehow thoughtful and melancholic gaze. I wantend to capture her with the beautiful antlers she came with. Making her like a spiritual creature suiting in a garden scenery! So please enjoy everyone.

  1. I remember Lyanelle is the reason I found you in the first place. I love her gaze and mystic aura a lot <3

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    1. Aww this is so sweet from you to say thank you! ^///^ I noticed myself my Bjd are getting way to less attention these days. ü.ü Maybe I should take it step by step also doing something with them!



  2. So beautiful! I especially love her horns; I adore deer girls. :)



    1. Thank you so much! This is so kind from you! Aw yes they are so precious! ^__^



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