Face-up Fantasy #02

First Blushing, eyebrows and outlinings of this progression. Hello everyone! It’s time for sharing some new Face-up practise from me. This time featuring my BJD Iplehouse Aria. Her head has been without a Face-up for a while now, and since I was practising a lot lately I thought I could add her to my projects beside the DDH-06 Dollfie Dream head. It was a nice variety while working on the Dollfie Dream head! So as I wanted to keep her with that new Face-up for a while I started with sealing her head after the sealant dried I added the blushing on her lips and the eyeshadow. After that I started drawing the eyeliner and lines on the mouth on top of everything.

More detaills and thin linings on the lashes, eyebrows and adding some more blushing and colors with my Iplehouse Aria. After another layer of the sealnt i added more colors and the lower lashes. In the end I thought I should have done the lower lashes with a brust instead of aquarelle pencils so they would have been more clear, but I like the result still quite a lot! the last step after a thrid layer of sealing was to add the eyelashes (they are a bit too long for my taste, the ycould have been shorter, but thiose were the only decend ones I had) and add some clear color on her lips for the shinyness.

Here are the results of this project with eyes and on her body. And of course with a suiting wig! I’m quite happy with the result. He looks so different because I used softer colors on her in comparision with her Face-up before. Giving her an even mor egentle and cute appearance! I hope you liked this little WIP of my work.

  1. Spring time is face up time! xD
    I love to see your WIP and results – this is always a great way to see and learn for myself, that is also the reason I love to share WIPs myself. She is beautiful and so gentle now. The face up turned out beautiful ❤

    Liked by 1 person


    1. You say it XD !
      This really makes me super happy and I appreciate the support, as my “ups and downs” with doing face-up is more “critical” as with other things, some days I think I did a good job and on other I’m not even finished and don’t want to work on the face-up as I’m not satisfied with it XD maybe other people know this issue. But Thats why I am forcing myself to keep on going and at least finishing a face-up non the less.^^



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