First Spring

Happy Birthday Kaede!

Photo Session with my Dollfie Dream Kirika Towa Alma – Kaede from Volks.I took these pictures just one day before Kaede’s Birthday on the 21th April (maybe you saw the little twitter post on her actual birthday on the 22th April)! We had such a great weather and I had a great time posing and trying out some new things outside with my cute elf girl. She has these big and charismatic eyes, so enchanting. I have chosen this mori kind of style for her as It fits her style and character so much. The dress was absolutely fun to play with and I got to make many new experiences with outdoor photo shooting. So please enjoy my bithday girl Kaede!

The soul of spring

Photo Session with my Dollfie Dream Kirika Towa Alma – Kaede from Volks.

Nature is just her element and she suits so perfectly within! And did you notice? This time I did not forget her ears haha XD I took so much time and captured a lot of pictures, but I took only a selection of my favorites to share with you! If you have the time you should always be patient and take as much as you need to get the shots you want to create! Another advice is that if you created a specific pose with a doll do not hestitate to change angles or different pictures cropping and taking multiple captures of the same pose (remember that you can always crop your picture afterwards too)! It might happen that you will create interesting photos maybe even more appealing than the one you had in mind! Thats something I have to learn too somehow. I’s all about trying and practising and you can even find great sides of your doll too!

  1. Happy very (very, very….very) late Birthday Kaede ❤
    She loks beautiful on the pctures ❤
    Did you use a invisible stand or something like that? And thank you for these great advices! ❤



  2. Happy birthday, Kaede! \(^u^)/ She looks so precious in her fresh spring mori-style, it really brings out her charm as a sweet and cute nature-lover. ❤

    Thank you for sharing some photography tips! I'm always nervous to take photos, they don't seem to come out nicely, so I will keep it in mind next time to try different angles and to zoom out and in. You're right, too, we can always crop the pictures later, so it's also possible to turn a boring photo into an interesting one! (^u^)

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    1. Hihi Thanks so much for your heartwarming message! ^__^ I’m so happy!

      I’m glad you say so!! Yes just try to vary the idea and pictures, as the doll will hold the pose anyways ^^ I had often the case afterward that all the pictures I had in my mind turned out badly (not sharp enough, hair not sitting right and whatever). Sometimes these “random” picture can be a life safer and turn out better. But I also had session where nearly all the pictures were bad XD usually when I don’t take enough time and force a session through.

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