Nendoroid Monday #24

Sending out some summer vibes to you all! This last week was super hot where I live. The heat is surely nothing for me. So anyway I thought I could prepare some cute beach themed pictures, with my Utsutsu Nendoroid! Please Enjoy this little capture of her.
I hope you are all doing well and take care if it is also so hot where you live!

Photo session with my Utsutsu Miya Nendoroid from Gatchaman Crowds!

Summertime with my precious Utsutsu Miya!


Behind the scenes with my Utsutsu Miya Nendoroid from Gatchaman Crowds!Some little extra shot I did! (This time I did not forget to take it actually xD) here you can see the little set up I have created for this Nendoroid Monday session. I used some decoration sand from a 1€ Shop and some glittery sheet of paper for the background. I cut some fabric left from sewing so it would fot as a nice towel! And the umbrella was actually 1/3 sized for SD dolls. But due to the cropping of the picture you don’t see it. The light reflection was added later on as also a warm tone to give this a “higher temperature” and create this summer look! And you should know too that I did not use any other lights, just the sun through the window. 🙂 This little elephant watering pot was actually an accessory which came with this Nendoroid. – I hope you enjoyed this posting! I wish you a great week ahead!

  1. Behind the scene picture!!! \(>3<)/ yay thank you…
    The picture came out amazing…

    teach me sensei



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