Frame Arms Girls – a little showcase

Today I really want to share my Frame Arms Girls with you! I got my first about a year ago (haha) and several have followed after her. They are plastic model kits with mostly a height of 150 mm, fully moveable and can ce customized.

More details

All the parts and faces are well packed and a very useful and easy to unterstand manual comes with the package.

Inside the box!

The parts they come with vary from 51~200 up too or even more, I saw several with 400 single parts. So they usually have different “forms” and types of armor you can put on, weapons and so much more, but there are also simple ones. Also different typed of heads and hand come with them. You have to assemble them by yourself with the help of the manual. It is in japanese, but the graphics are very precise and easy to unterstand without knowing the language! You can also paint them or add different details.

They are plastic model kits from Kotobukiya and very addicting.

My crew so far (Left to right: Hresvelgr, Innocentia, Baselard [Limited Color HJ Edition]) One is missing I did not start on her yet.

You can mix and match the items also in between, as they have the same body sizes. It is much fun to assemble them! Even more as the results are so nice! Although I’m a total beginer with model kits I think I did ok. Definetly need some more practise and experience with getting rid of all the overstanding little plastic residues when cutting the pieces out of the big plastig sheets.

Girl power!

Here are some more pictures of them. A fun fact is that I am not a big fan of Mecha’s and stuff, there are surely exceptions, but I really have something for those armored Si-Fi / mecha hybrid kind of girls! Haha I don’t know why, I really love the styles and appearance. I might try to work with some colors and blushign for them in the future. You can slightly see it on my Innocentia I blushed her hair a bit to give it a more natural look. Gonna need some more training and experiments though.


And these two lovely ladys will arrive at home in the future! I Am very excited to see the Megami Device line. So there is much work to do, but I will enjoy it. Usually I watch some animes or my boyfriend play some games (last time it was Zelda: Breath of the wild haha) while I assemble them.

Extra 🙂

What makes me even more excited is the preview of a Dollfie Dream which might be released! There was a poll in japan where people could vote for this Dollfie Dream Sister Fiore. I hope we will get some more information soon. I am already in love with her! She looks so sweet.

  1. Woooow Those look amazing and so much fun to work on and play with o3o
    but so much work for one of them! Amazing…



  2. Oh wow, your Frame Arm Girls look amazing! I really like the gradient you did on Innocentia, it’s subtle and adds nice definition. ❤ I'm excited to hear more about DDS Fiore too, I hope they release the release the results of the survey soon!

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you so much! I am happy you thing so ^-^ yes even though the result can surely made better it was a good way of getting the feel for it. Also due to the matte sealer it took away the total shine of the hear (which looks a bit unnatural and kind of cheap?) which I really liked! Oh yes I am super excited too! ^^

      Liked by 1 person


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