Nendoroid Monday #26

26 weeks of Nendoroid Monday wow! Never thought I could be able to get this far. Thats more than half a year actually! This project is really fun but also taking much time and a bit energy. I enjoy it still but I planned on going easy on this (as mentioned on my first posts) and in future the postings will be more unregulary. As I wanted to finish this project after one year I thought it would be better not to force it and see how things will go. Non the less I enjoy it but will take more time for the pictures to be finished. There were moments I was totally out of ideas and not 100% satisfied with the outcome and struggled a bit. Also I feel like my dolls and drawings are falling behind a bit sometimes xD. And due to the fact that there will be coming out some very cool games on the switch won’t help my time “management” either! ^^ (I usually only have time for sessions or bigger projects on the weekend like the most of you might too!) Still hope you’ll enjoy the pictures.

Anyways enjoy some more of Utsu-tsu! With that moment when you get out of the water and feeling so cold that you want to snuggle all up in the blanket x3 haha

Photo session with my Utsutsu Miya Nendoroid from Gatchaman Crowds!

  1. Happy Monday!
    Wow, 26 weeks already? You’re more than halfway done! Good job, you’ve really pushed forward with this challenge!
    What games are you looking forward to? :3

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    1. Thank you ^_^ Right?! isane how long i really got this haha! ^^

      I am especially looking forward to Ys: Lacrimosa of Dana, Shining Resonance Refrain and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate!^^

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      1. Yeah, it somehow doesn’t seem that long since you started the project, and yet you’ve come this far! It’s amazing~ (^u^)

        Those do sound fun! I haven’t really kept up with releases lately~ Shining Resonance Refrain looks really beautiful though. Have you played the other Shining games. . . ?
        And I’m still waiting to play Breath of the Wild. I’ll get it one day~!

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      2. Thanks again hih *blush* ♥

        To be honest I never played any of the Shining games, so this will be my first one. It is even more exciting as Kaede is a collaboration doll from a character of this particular game! I’m looking forward ^^

        Oh you should really get it! I didn’t play it for myself but my boyfriend and according to him one of the best games he has every played! So I am sure it will be worth it 🙂

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