The week of Saber! [+Speedpaint]

Yes I proudly announce my personal week of Saber! Haha Some things are coming up and I am very eager to share with you!

Saber our lovely hero!

Yes once again! I have some very lovely and exciting news to share with you! As for now I can’t believe it myself. It was super spontaneous but also had to be! (Like there are sometimes limited events and good offers.)

copyright by Volks Inc

Rina Ogata Dollfie Dream – copyright by Volks Inc

So I am super happy, lately I just read Nana’s lucky arrival of her Souldoll and she asked if we would have a Dream doll we wanted to have one day. My reply was: Dollfie Dream Rina Ogata and that is practically true. She is one I will maybe get one day 🙂 But there was someone who did not came into my mind (shame on me) as it would be very difficult to get her (as for the price and so on). So who am I talking about? – Saber! (Fate series) As some of you might know I am a very big fan of her (almost an addiction) haha – got to watch some of the new series still though.


My personal Servant

I can proudly announce my first „summoned“ Servant – Saber (it will be a Dollfie Dream Doll from Volks)! Haha.
Just lately I found a very great offer with an incredible good price. She has suppose to have some minor stains, a little damage on her Face up and a crinkled manual. But all that did not stop me to get her as she was full-set and all the things are some minor points (which I want to fix and give the love and attention she nedds haha). So I am very positive that this problem can be handled with some magic sponge, water and some other materials if needed.

But I will keep you updated then! Cross your fingers for me that everything will work out!


So who is Saber?

Some short information about her without spoilers for people who want to know some more information about her and the Series.

My Saber Bride, Original, Lily and Red Saber Nendorids I own. Sadly there are some missing stil!The Fate Series are mostly about the war for the holy grail (an old powerful artifact). Chosen „Masters“  will fight against each other to get the grail. Each of then has to summon a so named Servant. Servants have different classes like Archer, Lancer, and as you might already think: Saber. (And many more). The special thing about these Servants that they are heroes or important persons of  the past or mythology. Some examples are Hercules, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jeanne´D Arc and so on. For the sake of a spoieler free description I won’t tell you who this Saber is.

I do adore her appearance and character with all the different designs (as far as I do know them) there is quite a huge amount of different Sabers now. I won’t tell you which Saber I just bought to make it a little more exciting for you aswell haha.

Some “extra” Saber speedpaint!

Extra! haha you get it? I guess not XD ~ So I did a speedpaint / practise of a Saber from the “Fate/Extra” game! Inspired by our lovely River and her super awesome Draw Everything June Project. A drawing Project for practising poses with the help of SenshiStock Art. A DeviantArt Member who has a very big Database for drawing references. So as I am not directly joining this project I thought giving those reference pictures a try (yes I never did before argh). So please Enjoy this short scribble of Saber. Stockart Used from SenshiStock Art for reference! Please Enjoy! 🙂

The video is embedded from YouTube. Google’s privacy policy applies.

  1. Oooh congrats! How exciting, the Saber DDs are so pretty. Can’t wait for the reveal!!

    The speedpaint was fun to watch! Saber looks adorable in your style. ♥ How did you like working from reference? I thought you used it very well~

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thaaankys River ♥ hihi ^///^ hopefully I won’t dissapoint you!

      This makes me happy what a relief! It was suuuuper helpful! Even though I have to learn a lot I think, this will be very helpful also in the future! many thanks for sharing! ♥

      Liked by 1 person


  2. Big congrats on finding a DD Saber for a good price! ♥ I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures of her and it’ll be exciting to find out which Saber you got… x3

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you so much dear Sherimi ^3^ All the stalking did work out somehow xD I’m happy you think so thanks again! I’m very exctied and hope I’ll get some great pictures which will be worthy of her!♥



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