[Drawing Practise #02] – Saber Bride

So to “celebrate” the Saber week I did another Speedpaint!

Humble bride Saber

Oof it was super hard for me to be honest! Especially with the perspective and angle! And I totally suck at hands haha! Bue these speedpaint series is indeed speedpainting! As I thought instead thinking about every stroke I took the word speedpaint literally and just kinda doodled along. The original time of the drawing was about 29 min. Maybe it would be better to get on thing slowly for the sake of understanding the pose more and make it more realistic (but I am color the picture very roughly anyway). But the one thing I had in mind was getting used to the speedpaint in general! To get over the “stage-fright” when drawing and recording XD.

The video is embedded from YouTube. Google’s privacy policy applies.

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