[News] Dollfie Dream Kaede Takagaki

New Dollfie Dream release Kaede Takagaki

Another new collaboration Dollfie Dream is Kaede Takagaki from the Idomalster Cinderella Girls series! The name of the event is Home Town Dolpa Sendai 2 in Sendai International Center – Exhibition Bldg and will be held on Sunday, August 19th, 2018 11:00AM ~ 4:00PM (JST)


Dollfie Dream Kaede Takagaki

Wonderful Kaede Takagaki as a Dollfie Dream collaboration Doll.

Not my picture – pictures (c) copyright by Volks INC.

Kaede Takagaki is a character from the Idolmaster – Cinderella Girls Series. As the name says it is about idols in japan about their work for getting famous and daily life. Volks had already released other Characters from different Idolmaster Series as a Dollfie Dream doll. I have seen the series and I really love it! If you havent’t seen it i recommend it to you if you like idols and cute anime girls. Besides her wonderful and enchanting stage outfit there will be a more casual outfit for her available too. Her sweet and natural face underlines her character from the series. Seriously I’m always very amazed how well Volks make these Dollfie Dream collaboration models.

More pictures will follow

Some last thoughts

Sadly Volks is no longer accepting Paypal, which makes it more difficult to participate in lotteries for many people. For myself I won’t be able to get those limited dolls through their lottery in the future. 😦 So second hand with mostly overpriced items is the only way for many people. But we will see what the future will bring. I’m at least lucky enough that I am not eager to get one of these very amazing dolls. Pretty sure there will be great releases in the future though.
You can find more information and all the for now announced items here.

  1. […] for me! As I actually though they would be only announcing the two prior Dollfie Dream (Matoi and Kaede Takagaki) for their Dollpa Event. I think she looks super adorable and love the blue and yellow combination […]



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