[News] Dollfie Dream Sister Yuriko Nanao

New Dollfie Dream Sister release Yuriko Nanao

A new Dollfie Dream Sister just got announced on Twitter from Volks: Yuriko NanaoAccording to the information in the tweet she will be available on the 15th July at the Akihabara Doll Point. Later following on some Hobby Heaven Website on the 21th July? (Hopefully the translator did a kind of good work?)

Dollfie Dream Yuriko Nanao

Yuriko Nanao as a Dollfie Dream Sister from the idolmaster million live!

Not my picture – pictures (c) copyright by Volks INC.

This release was somewhat a surprise for me! As I actually though they would be only announcing the two prior Dollfie Dream (Matoi and Kaede Takagaki) for their Dollpa Event. I think she looks super adorable and love the blue and yellow combination of her character. She is also from the idolmaster Series. I don’t have any mor further information for now. But They and pictures will follow.

For now I am guessing she won’t be a “future doll” of mine.


  1. Yuriko is so cute~ I love her combo of blue hair + golden eyes. It’s cool how they styled her promo picture, like it’s a card from the game!
    Thank you for sharing this news Yureya! ❤



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