About me

I’m a hobbyist, artist and photographer.

My passions are photographing, drawing, playing videogames and handcrafts.
I have a favor for creepy and cute things also mixed together! The fantasy genre is also a big influence of my work. And so character design is a lot of fun for me aswell.

I have been drawing since ever I can Imagine but when I got into anime when I was younger I took it more “seriously” after time photography and videogames joined in too and I has a break from drawing since then, but I am motivated again and try to define and improve my skills of drawing or finding my style once again, also having a good balance between everything.

If you like my work, please consider to bookmark this site and to follow me on other sites aswell.

Twitter • YouTube


• Nikon D750

• Wacom Intuos paper M

• Paint Tool Sai

• Photoshop


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