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I’m a Hobbyist, Artist and photographer. My passions are photographing, drawing, playing videogames and handcrafts. I have a favor for creepy and cute things also mixed together! The fantasy genre is also a big influence of my work.

Photo session with my Dollfie Dream Seiko – DDH-07 from Volks.

Seeking the sun

Some first outdoor pictures of my beloved Seiko (Dollfie Dream DDH-07) with her cute umbrella. I had a great time and enjoyed taking her in our garden for some new captures. Have fun watching! So it happend that I had a similar idea like Nana the past time! (Enjoy her umbrella themed pictures right here) ...

Some new work and practise of my face-up wok featung my DDH-06 head from Volks.

Face-up Fantasy #01

So I had a great time in my free week a while ago, which made me very happy and proud too (to be honest)! I had some more time to practise my Face-up skills and keep moving on. Sharing some of my work with you, please enjoy part one of this little "journey".I did not ...

Nendoroid Monday #17

Nendoroid Monday #17

Yup, finally! xD It's Nendoroid Monday again, had to break through the break by now. Wishing you again a wonderful start in this new week! Please enjoy some tiny Link and his pony! Hehe ^^

Comparision of Dollfie Dream Type III, Sister and Angel Philia.

Doll comparision

Featuring Dollfie Dream Type III, Dollfie Dream Sister and Angel Philia. Please be aware of doll nudity! This time I worked on a doll comparision post between three different dolls of mine the results were surprising for me. For more information and picture please go ahead! Height and doll view overall The dolls I used ...

Lazy weekend

Well as you now may notice not as lazy as you might think! :) I tried something new out with my blog and I hope you like it too, maybe changing in the near future again? (or still working by now again wohoo) But I am very motivated to keep things in "motion" and try ...

Smile for me – Seiko’s unboxing!

Well here we go with my new and beloved Seiko. I talked rather a lot of her last week when she was introduced! I was so excited and happy (still am!) about the fact that she finally arrived home with me. And I am happy to show you the doll form of my character. Unboxing ...