FFXIV - The journey continues
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Final Fantasy XIV – The journey continues

In my last post of FFXIV I shared some of my first experiences with the game and the start of a great journey. Much has happend since then! And I had a blast! I am taking a little break of if right now but I want to share some love for this game again and… Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV – The journey continues

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Innocent darling – Angel Philia Lena unboxing

Warning: Doll nudity ahead! This lovely lady arrived in march! As my interest in "anime kind of style" dolls (thanks to Dollfie Dreams :3) is increasing besides BJDs I got my hands on an Angel Philia. Like it is often the case the orders had a limited period so in the end I decided I… Continue reading Innocent darling – Angel Philia Lena unboxing

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[WIP] – Corrin – Fire Emblem Hype :D

Hi Everyone~ today I want to share some sneek peeks and WIP of my current drawing "project". Inspired by the Fire Emblem games one of my favorite characters: Corrin the (player) Hero from Fire Emblem fates. This was actually the first time I did some few sketches and ideas of how I want to pose… Continue reading [WIP] – Corrin – Fire Emblem Hype :D

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[Photo session] – Staring at the sun

I took this session a while ago and I really enjoyed it. Ivette is such a sweet lady! Sometimes the little vampire lady is in fact enjoying the sun, of course making her vulnerable and weak but also making her feel alive once again at the same time. Some silent moments filled with thoughts and… Continue reading [Photo session] – Staring at the sun