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Digital Art and drawings are the most common on my blog.

Speedpaint Series featuring Saber Alter from Fate/EGrand Order

[Drawing Practise #03] – Saber Alter

Heading on with the week of Saber! I have some fantastic news! She actually arrived and is finally home πŸ™‚ So today sharing some speedpaint practise with Saber Alter from the Fate/Grand Series! Please enjoy the last speedpaint of the Saber week everyone. I think Saber Alter look so fragile and feminie cute in this ...

Speedpaint Series featuring Saber Bride from Fate/EXTRA CCC

[Drawing Practise #02] – Saber Bride

So to "celebrate" the Saber week I did another Speedpaint! Humble bride Saber Oof it was super hard for me to be honest! Especially with the perspective and angle! And I totally suck at hands haha! Bue these speedpaint series is indeed speedpainting! As I thought instead thinking about every stroke I took the word ...

My wonderful Saber Bride PVC figure

The week of Saber! [+Speedpaint]

Yes I proudly announce my personal week of Saber! Haha Some things are coming up and I am very eager to share with you! Saber our lovely hero! Yes once again! I have some very lovely and exciting news to share with you! As for now I can’t believe it myself. It was super spontaneous ...

Fanart from Mechanica (Nintendo Arms)


It's time again to share some new art! Another fanart I created from Nintendo's Arms! This time one of my favorite characters: Mechanica. She is very cool to play. Mechanica is an engineer and has built herself a robot so that she fan fight in the ARMS tournament as she does not have the spring ...

Kid Cobra Fanart header

[Drawing] – Kid Cobra from Nintendo Arms

My latest drawing is from a character of a game called Arms from the Nintendo Switch. It is a pretty nice and fun fighting game with great unique characters. It is like boxing, but in a more cool kind of way! ^^ My boyfriend really likes this character amd this arm called "Scorpio" (the little ...

Character re-design #2 Tsuyu header

Character re-design #2 – Tsuyu

So let’s make a full power start kind of in this new year with a new character Re-design! So I am not 100% sure If Rinoa will turn Into β€žTsuyuβ€œ, as I have to consider a few things and styles of the mold and so on. But maybe she will be the one who will ...