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Nendoroid Monday #17

Nendoroid Monday #17

Yup, finally! xD It's Nendoroid Monday again, had to break through the break by now. Wishing you again a wonderful start in this new week! Please enjoy some tiny Link and his pony! Hehe ^^ Advertisements

Nendoroid time Sinon

Nendoroid Monday #16

A bit late haha, but yes I wanted a little "break". But here we go with some more pictures of Sinon featuring the Nendoroid Monday one more time with this session! :) Happy monday everyone, hope you had a very great weekend and new energy for this week! Thanks to Nana and River for your ...

Nendoroid Monday #15

Nendoroid Monday #15

It's Nendoroid Monday time again! Ahd with this I wish you another nice week! My last week was very exhausting, I hope this one will be better. :) Lately as I mentioned before I struggle with taking pictures ü.ü feeling uninspired and unmotivated, but I did not want to miss this weeks Nendoroid Monday – ...

Photo session with Umi Sonoda, Nico Yazawa and Kotori Minami Nendoroid.

Nendoroid Monday #14

Another Nendoroid Monday! Weeks are surely flying away wow. Have a good start in this week, I hope spring will soon arrive even though it is super cold here these days. But you can feel the days getting longer and more lighty.

Nendoroid Monday #13 header

Nendoroid Monday #13

So today I want to send out some summer like vibes out to you! We had a very nice and sunny weekend and spring is definetly getting closer I can't wait to take somre more pictures outside! Please enjoy cute Saber Lily and have a very nice new week aswell!

Nendoroid Monday #12 header

Nendoroid Monday #12

Hello and good day! Here comes another Nendoroid Monday! This time I had to took and edit this picture in a hurry yesterday. The weekend was quite busy so I had very little time, hopefully you still like this capture of Princess Zelda (and little Toon Link in tha background haha). I actually sorted washed ...