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Photo session from my Dollfie Dream and Bjd Dolls, figures and more!

Project X

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well and enjoyed your last weeks so far. Lately it is super hot outside, thats why there is a lack of posts here. I can barely do anything, especially not with my dolls. However there is something I want to share with you. A project which I am ...

Photo session with my Utsutsu Miya Nendoroid from Gatchaman Crowds!

Nendoroid Monday #26

26 weeks of Nendoroid Monday wow! Never thought I could be able to get this far. Thats more than half a year actually! This project is really fun but also taking much time and a bit energy. I enjoy it still but I planned on going easy on this (as mentioned on my first posts) ...

Photo session with my Guildmaster Nendoroid from Monster Hunter Frontier G.

Nendoroid Monday #25

Happy Monday everyone! The last days were still soo hot here, hopefully it will cool down soon. This time I am sharing my Guildmaster Nendoroid with you. Still not sure If I might sell her though in the future ~ haha    

Photo session with my Utsutsu Miya Nendoroid from Gatchaman Crowds!

Nendoroid Monday #24

Sending out some summer vibes to you all! This last week was super hot where I live. The heat is surely nothing for me. So anyway I thought I could prepare some cute beach themed pictures, with my Utsutsu Nendoroid! Please Enjoy this little capture of her. I hope you are all doing well and ...

The time was there to do it ! – updating my Dollfie Dream Sister Akira – Tsuyu

Some updates – Face-up and more!

I wanted to share some little updates with you! I'm very happy and excited too – so first of all I was able to get enough courage to update Tsuyu's face-up so that it would suit her character more. As you might know I always had to edit the picture around her details, like for ...

Photo session with Laala Manaka, Mikan Shiratama and Aroma Kurosu Nendoroid from Pri Para.

Nendoroid Monday #23

Happy, happy Monday!! 🙂 I had an exciting last week and much to do! Hopefully I have some more time this week and can spend some more time on my blog. We renovate our gaming room and it was super exhausting but we had some great help! I'm so happy how it turned out ^-^ ...