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Dollfie Dream Doll Kirika Towa Alma (Shining Resonance) from Volks. Drawing by Yureya, Seiko profile pictureDollfie Dream Sister Doll Akria from Volks. Drawing by Yureya,Sinon profile picture

• What is a Dollfie Dream?

Their manufacturer is called Volks.

They are dolls made out of soft vinyl with an inner plastic like skeleton which gives them the ability to hold her pose as you wish (see example picture below of a similar Body of an Obitsu!). They have different joints where needed as for example on her angles and more. Their big eyes and anime kind of look are their trade mark.

• Volks original Website

Dollfie Dream


• Care

Before moving on to the information about the doll, clothing and more I want to share some important Information about what you should keep in mind when owning or getting a Dollfie Dream.

There are several things you should remember when getting or owning a BJD! Below will follow some advices so that you can enjoy this hobby even more and take good care of your Doll.

UV Light /Light in general

The material is a very sensitive due to UV (from the sun and even from your camera flash ect!), so for example you should not put your doll all the time under direct sunlight as the light will change the skin color of your doll. After some Time the material gains a yellowish tint to their surface, most effect can be seen on white and clear resin parts, this is called yellowing. On a smaller scale even oxygen can add this effect aswell.

(Always take care also on cloudy days the UV can be strong!) Please remember that this effect won’t be seen instantly and it will appear time after time and even with a great care and protection it won’t be able to avoid this effect 100% but you can slow it down.  For example with some UV-Protection sealing spray. Something interesting is the fact about cooler UV light, mostly found in camera flashes – the flash can be even more powerful than the sunlight, you should not underestimate it and try to avoid using it!

Be gentle!

Also you should take care that the doll don’t fall off, parts may break or even the face up or blushing can be damaged. Also be gentle when posing the doll so that nothing will break on their joints. They might seem hard to break but do not underestimate some thinner parts. As this is anyways a more expensive Item you will look after them even better.


Too much humidity is also not good for your doll. It can damage the Face up and blushing. Especially important when you are sealing your doll!

Oil based products

Keep them away from your doll! It can stain them and attack the sealing or resin. Even if you used hand lotion or something you should go wash your hands. Always have this detail in mind.


This is a very difficult theme. But all in all you can say acetone damages the material and after a time you can see the result. Maybe you won’t notice this by the first time and it will take some time. Some people use nail polish to remove the face-ups, if you want to try this out aswell you should get an acetone free one. I saw some people talking that they used acetone based nail polish without noticing anything. But do you really want to risk something than rather being on the safe side using the right materials, especially on an expensive Doll?

Extreme Temperatures

You should avoid both, extreme heat and also extreme cold. Take care where your dolls are standing next to (not next to the heater etc.).

In General

You should take care what gets in touch with your Dollfie Dream. Watch out and look after your Dolls. In the end your extra time or attention will definitely bring extra results so that you can enjoy this hobby even more! Always remember you are willing to put a lot of money in it, so it is worth it and also understandable.



Because of the soft vinyl they are very likely to stain from clothing and wigs! Dark, vibrant (like a leaf green ect), bright or black fabrics tend to be soaked in the material and can leave unremovable stains on your doll. I would recomment to be very careful whenever handling with any kind of clothing or items! Also the wig is affected to this, as they can have a dark fabric inside which can leave stains on their head. All these kinds of stains are usually wether from a poorly dyed item or even from dirt like mug and so on. Be careful what comes in contact with your Dollfie Dream in general.

Try not to leave your dolls in dark or black clothing for too long. For myself I always dress my Dollfie Dreams in lighter colors after a use of a “dangerous” colored outfit, like after a photo session.

You can fix the color of clothing a bit more to the fabric by washing them with water and vinegar. Leave the clothing for some time in a good mix of 1/2 water and  1/2 vinegar. Make sure to wash off the smell afterwards. This is not a guarantee anyway but it may decrease the result.

There are also body stocking and wig caps for your doll, which you can buy directly from Volks but also from other companies. You put these stocking like suits underneath her clothing to protect direct contact of the fabrics to your doll. This is another and helpful advice to prevent stains on your doll. They are available in many different colors or variantions for every need. Usually they are very subtle and won’t affect the look of your doll much.

Please keep in mind that these advices don’t have a 100% assurance that every item will keep your Doll uneffected just some tips to handle this danger more safely and to slow down the effect.


Stain removal

So there are a few tricks which might help you to get rid of some nasty stains on your doll if you do not want to buy a new part directly and replace it.

If the stain is not deeply soaked in the vinyl you can try to remove it with some alcohol or acetone free nailpolish remover. Put one of them on a magic eraser (those white foam household cleaning sponges who can usually be bought in a store or doll online shops) and gently rub over the stain. Be careful when using this over painted areas! This can remove the paint too and might ruin their look.

In a worse case where the stain is very deeply soaked into the material you can try to remove or at least weaken it with the “Dream Rescue” cream directly from Volks. (Click on the picture below for a bigger resolution)

Another method is by using some 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Cream (sold as acne or pimple remover in the pharmacy section of stores) and a lamp basically an adjustable desk lamp will do it too.

  1. Prepare a space for your doll anywhere, where it can stay for a while, you can put a towel underneath if needed.
  2. Clean the stained area and let it dry. You can use a magic eraser here.
  3. Make sure painted areas like the face is covered (with a paper towel for example) to prevent any damages to it due of the light you will use later.
  4. If needed you can put a paper towel underneath the stained area so that the cream won’t drip on anywhere important.
  5. Now turn on your lamp and make sure it is kept about 12″ away since you don’t want to damage the material with too much heat, but we need some warmth to preheat the vinyl and expand it slightly, so that the Oxy soaks in better with time.
  6. Apply the 10% Benzoyl Peroxide to the stain. You don’t have to rub it on the stain, just be sure you have a thick layer on it. (It is ok if the cream is on non-stained areas as it won’t damage the material)
  7. You can leave your doll now for about 3-4 hours with the lamp on. After 4 hours at the latest you should turn off the lamp! Since you want to let it do it’s magic but don’t want to heaten your doll up too much. The cream can be left there as long as you want as it won’t harm your doll BUT check that the light is turned of. After 8 hours the Oxy cream looses his effectiness and you should rather start up with a new “round” than leaving it on any longer. Average de-staining processes are usually about 3-4 hours non the less
  8. Get a wet white and clean paper towel with no designs and such, wipe off all of the cream. It can take a little while because the cream is now dried.
  9. Any remains can be cleaned with a magic eraser – you are now done!
  10. You can repeat this step as much as you want or think that you got away with the stain as best it could be.
  11. Even after weeks you might notice that a stain can be completely gone as the cream kinda works on it own. This method is very effective overall.


• All about the base models

Now moving on for more information about the Dolls themself. Volks has established many different sized for their Dollfie Dreams:


MDD — Mini Dollfie Dream — 43,5 cm

In comparision to the other sizes they have a tiny and younger appearance.


DDS —Dollfie Dream Sister — about 50 cm

The Dollfie Dream Sister model has similar proportions as her slightly bigger Version: the “standard Dollfie Dream Body”


DD — Dollfie Dream — 57 cm

Left: Body II Right: Body III – The Dollfie Dream model has at this moment 2 body types II & III. They have almost the same body so that the type III body is able to wear normal DD clothing. However they improved the posing from type II to their latest type.


DDdy — Dollfie Dream Dynamite — 56,5 cm

The curvy body is a significant sign to these Dolls. Dollfie Dream Dynamites have a bigger hip, bottom and chest.

More detailed information about the different models can be found on Volks page.


• Choose your style

All standard Dollfie Dream models are available in 3 different skin tones: normal, semi-white and white. They have many different kinds of hand types, heads (with and without eye holes!) chest sizes and more to choose from and they can even be mixed upDollfie Dream® has collaborated with many anime and games. with different sizes of their models! Although make sure that the parts are compatible with each other first, Volks however has a very good website with all the information to this. If something broke or have deep stains or if you need any spare parts, don’t worry they can also be ordered seperately on their site.


If you are interested to see all of their items and parts – Volks Website Store



 • Collaboration Models

Dollfie Dream has collaborated with many anime and games. They design them to be as similar to he original characters as they can with a lot of great results. Usually you can only get them in a limited time period by entering their Doll events with a ticket (we will come to this later on). As for all the effort and special look they are more expensive, even more if you want to get an already sold out model second hand. Sometimes they are offering an pre-order Event for specific dolls where no ticket or win is needed.



• Doll Party Event Entry Tickets

Many collaborate dolls are only available when you enter with a special ticket for them. As they have only a lilited amount of some Dollfie Dreams you have to win with your ticket to get the doll itself. The entry ticket itself costs a bit too. However it does not mean you have a guarantee that you will get the doll! And even though you won it does not mean that you will get it for free, you still have to pay the price of your desired doll. If you are interested to join in an event you can check out Volks site for further information, they always leave a link with a step by step tutorial.

Yes you do need some luck here, and can get the doll afterwards per second hand (like on ebay or something). But usually the doll there is offered in a higher price range that it would cost you directly from Volks. Basically because they are limited, that is something you might consider too.



• Where can I find wigs and clothing for them?

If you want to get more clothing for your doll besides from Volks, you have a variety of other shops to choose from. Due to their similar size of  average SD Ball-jointed-Dolls you can try out their clothing on them too. Please keep in mind that not all the items have a perfect fit on them. I noticted for example that some dresses or tops can be loose around her waist. Especially Dollfie Dream Dynamites (because of their cury bodys) might not fit into all the clothing. So always keep an eye on the measurements before ordering.

In my experience 8-9″ wigs (also used for SD sized Bjds) work fine with them too. You can try to search them in Ebay aswell.

Due to the popularity of Dollfie Dreams in all many shops have a specific site on their shops for wigs, items and clothing.

Here are some independend seller for example:

Doll Heart

Tata’s Paradise


• I see you

The eyes are a mirror of your soul it is said. They can make a big change of the appearance of your Dollfie Dream. They have bigger eyeholes than many other Dolls in their same height so “keep an eye” on Volks Info page to get the right ones for your doll! Usually however they are between 20-22 mm but als depent of what kind of look you want.


If not other stated: pictures (c) copyright by Volks

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