Dollfie Dream Kirika Towa Alma

  • Brithday – 22th April
  • Age – ?? Like in human years about 24
  • Kind, trustful elf girl
  • She enjoys to see happiness in little things – as for example in nature
  • Early bird
  • Afraid of insects (yes even though nature is just her thing, haha)
  • She is like a big sister
  • Calming
  • Loves daily routines – maybe a bit too much
  • Has an open ear for everyone, but can be “brutally honest” in her opinion
  • But hates arguments/fights , when involved she tries to shake it off in the clumsiest ways or distract people (so sometimes she stands in her own way when it comes to her honesty and people get her wrong…)


Arrival Date: 12-20176

Doll Company: Volks INC.

Mold: Kirika Towa Alma Shining Resonance

Face up: Default FU

Size: Dollfie Dream

Skin Color: normal skin

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