Speedpaint Series featuring Saber Bride from Fate/EXTRA CCC

[Drawing Practise #02] – Saber Bride

So to "celebrate" the Saber week I did another Speedpaint! Humble bride Saber Oof it was super hard for me to be honest! Especially with the perspective and angle! And I totally suck at hands haha! Bue these speedpaint series is indeed speedpainting! As I thought instead thinking about every stroke I took the word ...

My wonderful Saber Bride PVC figure

The week of Saber! [+Speedpaint]

Yes I proudly announce my personal week of Saber! Haha Some things are coming up and I am very eager to share with you! Saber our lovely hero! Yes once again! I have some very lovely and exciting news to share with you! As for now I can’t believe it myself. It was super spontaneous ...

Photo session with my Utsutsu Miya Nendoroid from Gatchaman Crowds!

Nendoroid Monday #26

26 weeks of Nendoroid Monday wow! Never thought I could be able to get this far. Thats more than half a year actually! This project is really fun but also taking much time and a bit energy. I enjoy it still but I planned on going easy on this (as mentioned on my first posts) ...

Photo session with my Guildmaster Nendoroid from Monster Hunter Frontier G.

Nendoroid Monday #25

Happy Monday everyone! The last days were still soo hot here, hopefully it will cool down soon. This time I am sharing my Guildmaster Nendoroid with you. Still not sure If I might sell her though in the future ~ haha    

My frame arms girls from Kotobukiya.

Frame Arms Girls – a little showcase

Today I really want to share my Frame Arms Girls with you! I got my first about a year ago (haha) and several have followed after her. They are plastic model kits with mostly a height of 150 mm, fully moveable and can ce customized. More details The parts they come with vary from 51~200 ...

Photo session with my Utsutsu Miya Nendoroid from Gatchaman Crowds!

Nendoroid Monday #24

Sending out some summer vibes to you all! This last week was super hot where I live. The heat is surely nothing for me. So anyway I thought I could prepare some cute beach themed pictures, with my Utsutsu Nendoroid! Please Enjoy this little capture of her. I hope you are all doing well and ...


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