Nendoroid time Sinon

Nendoroid Monday #16

A bit late haha, but yes I wanted a little "break". But here we go with some more pictures of Sinon featuring the Nendoroid Monday one more time with this session! :) Happy monday everyone, hope you had a very great weekend and new energy for this week! Thanks to Nana and River for your ...

My upcoming Dollfie Dream Seiko.

Character announcement – Seiko

So as mentioned in my 2017 Creator Meme post a while ago I am planning a new character and doll! :) This time I actually got the character of her first (haha yes this is unusual for me) but her doll form will not take much longer to be finished, I'm very happy with this. ...

Nendoroid Monday #15

Nendoroid Monday #15

It's Nendoroid Monday time again! Ahd with this I wish you another nice week! My last week was very exhausting, I hope this one will be better. :) Lately as I mentioned before I struggle with taking pictures ü.ü feeling uninspired and unmotivated, but I did not want to miss this weeks Nendoroid Monday – ...

2017 Creator Meme

Hi Everyone, this time actually something more than only pictures. I was tagges by the lovely Nana on the 2017 Creator Meme, Thanks again for it! ^_^ Even though I had more of some general types of things I am kind of proud! You'll see below! Rules: it’s time to love yourselves! choose your 5 ...

Photo session with Umi Sonoda, Nico Yazawa and Kotori Minami Nendoroid.

Nendoroid Monday #14

Another Nendoroid Monday! Weeks are surely flying away wow. Have a good start in this week, I hope spring will soon arrive even though it is super cold here these days. But you can feel the days getting longer and more lighty.

Summoning Spring header

Spring maiden

Since I forgot her elf ears last time, I really wanted to take some new pictures of her in her Kimono! I enjoyed this little photosession of her. And in the end, even I did not intend to do xD, the pictures are kind of connected. Just afterwards I recognized that, if I swap the ...


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