The grim reaper

Yaay ~ Some new Pics of Mayoi With her scythe, at least i tried and i hope you like! This were a bigger Session as she inspires me SO much! The Idea i got for one picture was, that i had the association of the Scythe being a wing from her, kinda also like the ...

Fox spirit

Something non Dolly *3* Look at this little cutie :heart: she was also a christmas Present. And i LOVE her so much, besides of her cuteness also because she is a fox x///3

Craving – Session

Some more Kamui Love ;3 Awwn I really love my Demon Boy, I'm still thinking about some details for his Story, to make it more interesting and explaining his past and relationships to others. It's not that easy if you are not very talented in writing XD Also Time for a 3D Picture! Get your 3D ...

Year walk

Wow, time flies by ~ Another Year has found an end soon. Due to this i want to thank you all so much for your support again! I appreciate all Watcher, Comments, Fav's, Features and your friendship of course as well.

My heroine ~ Saber

Today a non Dolly pic  , i hope you like it though! ^////^ This is my newest Figure ~ I looooove Saber so much ~ so i got myself a first Saber Nendoroid! I love all the Versions of her so much. But the Bride one is probably my fav. ^^ Who knows XD  

Devour me

So i had this idea in my mind for some time! Yesterday i finally had time to take it. Mayoi is so inspiring for me! I also took a couple other pictures, I'll definetly upload them aswell! *motivated* Aaaaand The evil within (game for PS4) arrived today ^o^ Probably never gonna sleep again after playing, ...


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